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Online Summer Shows at the Old Print Shop- Pt. 1

Our summer show, Water, is currently on view on the Old Print Gallery walls. But for those out-of-town readers and vacation travellers, our NYC sister shop, the Old Print Shop, has three fantastic summer shows going on right now. Better yet, you can view them all online, through their online exhibition tab on their website.  Below is a preview of one of their shows, The Art of Sporting.

Fast Start. By Emily Trueblood. Linocut, 2001.

The Art of Sporting:

Ready. Set. Go! Sports have been an important part of society for countless centuries. Some were created simply for fun while others evolved out of necessity, such was the nature of archery, for example. And with the Olympics now upon us, we are reminded of the many sports our world enjoys. From swimming to skiing and horse racing to boxing, there is a bit of everything for everyone. So get yourself ready, gear up for the gold and race out to meet your destiny… or at least our web show.

Tennis. By George Bellows. Lithograph, 1920.

Baseball. By John Ross. Two color woodcut, 1960.

Polo Players. By Louis Schanker. Woodcut, 1940.









Dribbling. By Joseph Golinkin. Watercolor, c.1960.


To view the exhibit online, click here. We will reveal their other two summer shows later in the week, so check back soon!