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Online Summer Shows at the Old Print Shop- Pt. 3

Our NYC sister shop, the Old Print Shop, has three fantastic summer shows going on right now. You can view all three summer shows  online, through their exhibition tab on their website.  Below is a preview of one of their shows, Summer in the Country.

Country Scene. By Peter Hurd. Color lithograph, undated.

Summer in the Country

The country: a place of great escape, where one can leave behind the hustle and bustle of their ordinary lives and enwrap themselves in the beauty that is nature. It is a place of endless entertainment, where natural wonders await discovery and hobbies, new and old, can be enjoyed by people of all ages. From mountain tops to canyon bottom, from horseback riding to sailing and fishing, there are any number of possibilities. One simply needs to find them.

Augustus. By Antonio Tempeste. Engraving, c.1600.

Fence and Shadow. (Newport, RI). By Bo Kass. Silver gelatin print, 2002.

Beach Study. By Richard Carleton. Etching, 2007-8.

Landscape, Cape Cod. By Agnes Weinrich. White-line woodcut, c.1920.

Summer. By Will Barnet. Color lithograph and serigraph. 1986.

The Beach at Dorset. By Ellen Nathan Singer. Etching, 2001.

Red Canyon. By Clare Romano. Collagraph, 1983.

To view Summer in the Country online,  click here. We blogged about The Art of Sporting exhibit last Friday, which can be viewed here, and the exhibit City Heat on Saturday, which can be viewed here.