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2012 HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE: Nature Lover

You can find them hiking or bird-watching on weekends. They are avid gardeners. They are the nature lovers! These green-thumbed friends and relatives feel most relaxed when surrounded by the splendor of nature. So why not gift them a print of their favorite flower, mountain top, or butterfly? Below are our picks for the nature lover on your list. View more options on our website, under the category of Natural History. Enjoy and happy gifting!

Abies Hookeriana. (Mountain Hemlock). By William Richardson. Published by W. Blackwood, Edinburgh and London. Toned lithograph, original hand color, 1884. From the great multi-volume work on coniferous trees around the world, “The Pinetum Britannicum,” by Edward J. Ravenscroft. The focus was on foreign trees that were cultured in British gardens. $350.00

A Study in the Natural World. By Tenjin Ikeda. Linoleum cut, 2011. Inscribed “3/55.” $600.00

Cereus Bloom. By Marti Patchell. Copperplate etching and aquatint, 2009. Inscribed “17/30”. $250.00

Prairie Sunset. By Allan Simpson. Serigraph, 1987. Inscribed “6/30.” $600.00

Insectus Tab. 8. 1. Papilio Polydorus, var. – P. Antiphus. – 3. P. Melanides, – 4. P. Polyphontes. – P. Laocucus. – 6. P. Dissimilis, var. (Butterflies). By Dr. A. S. Mulder. Published by J. A. Susanna, Leiden. Lithograph with original hand color, 1839-44. From Coenraad Temminck’s “Verhandelingen Over de Naturlijke Geschiedenis de Nederlandsche Overzeesche Bezittingen.” Described as the “great survey and natural history of the Dutch East Indies.” $165.00.

Orchid Plant. By Idaherma Williams. Woodblock print, 2004. Inscribed “3/30.” $400.00

Etude de Seringat et Haricot d’Espagne. (Philadelphus – Mock Orange) Pl. 30. By Jean L. Prevost. Stipple engraving printed in color and finished by hand, 1805. From the “Collection Des Fleurs Et Des Fruits.” $2,350.00.

Fossils in Folds. By Heather McMordie. Lithograph, on Rives BFK paper, 2011. Edition 7/9. $150.00

The White Lily with Variegated Leaves. By Dr. Robert John Thornton. Aquatint, stipple and line engraving, 1800. From THE TEMPLE OF FLORA OR THE GARDEN OF NATURE. This fine publication had a total of thirty-one plates. They are among the most important (and most beautiful) botanical prints ever published. $7,250.00.

Blick auf den Pike’s Peak vom Garten der Gotter aus. Colorado. # 24. By Rudolf Cronau. Published by T. O. Weigel, Leipzig. Collotype; black and white,1886-7. One in a series of Rudolf Cronau’s American views from his ” Staaten und Territorien der Union.” Cronau was a German artist who traveled extensively in America. $295.00

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Past/Present: Bouquets

Today we have a new P/P post, featuring two prints of floral arrangements. Our older print is from Monnoyer’s gathered work “Livres de Plusieurs Vases de Fleurs,” published 1660. Second state of three, with de Poilly imprint, this rare print is dated c. 1670-80. Jean Baptiste perfected the art of painting complex floral arrangements. He decorated the principal royal homes in Paris before traveling to England where he was engaged by Queens Mary II and Anne. His designs served as models for wallpapers, toiles and chintzes into the next century. Even the great Gerard van Spaendonck followed Jean Baptiste’s lead in design. Our featured contemporary print is by Idaherma Williams. Williams is known for her watercolors, paintings on silk, and archival pigment prints. She reflects the beauty and balance of the natural world and the world of interiors through original, hand-carved wood block prints.

Image on Left: [Monnoyer Floral Arrangement in Classical Vase] by Jean Baptiste Monnoyer. Published by N. de Poilly, Paris. Etching with engraving, hand colored, c. 1670-80.

Image on Right: Winter Bouquet by Idaherma Williams. Woodblock print, 2004. Inscribed “4/30.”