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Washington Post Review of 2012 WCS


American Night / Neighbor & Orion II. By Herbert Simon. Etching, aquatint, and handcolored, 2010. Ed. 1/20.

This past Friday, The Washington Post published a nice review of our Winter Contemporary Show in their Style section. It was written by staff writer Mark Jenkins, and featured in Galleries review, page C8, along with two other reviews of local DC exhibits. They even used an image of American Night/ Neighbor & Orion II by Herbert Simon, to accompany the article.


Some of our favorite quotes from the article:

“…Prints can suggest much with a few lines, sometimes highlighted by blocks of color. Fine examples of this approach include Edward McCluney’s “OSSACIP,” a nude silhouetted against a bright yellow background; Peter Gourfain’s “Winter Light,” a domestic scene endowed with drama by its thick black lines and contrast of blue and orange; and Ellen Nathan Singer’s “Autumn Market,” which depicts fruit, flowers and wooden barrels with seasonal gold and bronze…”

“…Richard T. Davis’s “Hartling Bay,” however, shows that fanatical attention to detail can be just as effective as artful simplification. This photorealist color serigraph of the Nova Scotia coastline appears to capture every ocean ripple, blade of grass and glimmer of sunlight. It’s a simple scene, but with the depth of an entire world.”

We encourage our followers to read the review ( link right here) and then come see our Winter Contemporary Show. The group exhibit remains on view until February 9, 2013. To view the works in our show digitally, check out our website!

And a big thanks to The Washington Post and writer Mark Jenkins for featuring our show and artists!

Hartling Bay. By Richard T. Davis.

Hartling Bay. By Richard T. Davis. Color serigraph, 1993. Ed. 101/155.

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2012 Winter Contemporary Show

The Old Print Gallery is pleased to present its 2012 Winter Contemporary Show, which will open this Friday, November 16, 2012. The show will be an assortment of works by both up-and-coming and established printmakers, in several mediums.  Highlights include a series of charged photolithographic landscapes by Sylvie Covey, beautifully involved linocut relief prints by Karima Muyaes and Tenjin Ikeda, and boldly hued prints by local artists Susan Goldman, Philip Bennet, and Joan Krash.

Bottles & Jars I by Peri Schwartz captures the crisp, luminous glow of the winter months and Neighbor & Orion II by Herbert Simon delivers a similarly poignant study of a hushed, nocturnal landscape, thanks to purposeful use of color. Local artists Jake Muirhead and Marti Patchell’s impressive draftsmanship result in intricate and delicate still lifes, elevating the familiar artichoke and cereus blossom in the process. Many of the artists in the 2012 Winter Contemporary Show are new to the Old Print Gallery, and offer a fresh approach to printmaking.

The exhibit opens with a nighttime reception at the Old Print Gallery on Friday, November 16, from 5-8pm. Many of the artists will be in attendance for the opening, to answer questions regarding their work and artistic process. The opening reception is free and open to all ages. The show will remain on view until February 9, 2013.

Selected Artists:  Philip Bennet, Sylvie Covey, Richard T. Davis, Deron Decesare, Yolanda Frederikse, Susan Goldman, Peter Gourfain, Tenjin Ikeda, Joan Krash, Richard Lubell, Paul Marcus, Ed McCluney, Judy Mensch, Jake Muirhead, Karima Muyaes, Marti Patchell, Matt Phillips, Susan Pyzow, Peri Schwartz, Herbert Simon, Ellen Nathan Singer, Hank Virgona, and Steven E. Walker.


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Coming Soon…

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July Show Water at The Old Print Gallery

Gale, Old Wheeler’s Island. By Richard Carleton. Etching, 2001.

The Old Print Gallery is pleased to present Water, a group show featuring prints by local, national, and international contemporary artists. Water will open on Friday, July 20, 2012, with a nighttime reception from 5-8pm at the gallery. The show will be on view until September 14, 2012. With a subject matter as open and expansive as water, the show yields both personal and universal interpretations for artist and viewer.

Splash. By Philip Bennet, oil-based monotype,2004.

Abstraction and illusion are prominent in the works of Water. Judy Mensch’s woodblock Water 1 is a product of seven woodblocks, ten passes, and eight colors. The result is a dynamic distillation of water in stripes of deep blues and greens. Philip Bennet’s Splash, too, is an abstract blend of colors, forgoing form to capture a more visceral depiction of a plunge into watery depths. NY artist Peter Milton incorporates overlays of watery motifs in his large, dreamlike images. Here, water alludes to the shadowy depths of the subconscious, and hints at memories and influences from the artist’s past.

Waterfall. By Peter Milton. Digital print, 2010.

Some Fragments VIII-C. By Takamune Ishiguro. Etching and aquatint, 2005.

Marked is the artists’ ability to evoke watery imagery from the hard matrices of copper plates and woodblocks. Simple cuts and gouges transform into brilliantly dappled light on water’s surface in Karen Whitman’s Adrift. Likewise, rough, turmoil waves emerge from the constant rocking and reworking of the plate in Art Werger’s Requiem. Other artists highlight the liquid properties of inked media itself to communicate a watery essence. Takume Ishiguro’s use of aquatint and water-based inks in Some Fragments VII-C adds fluidity and glassiness to his macro depiction of water bubbles. Whether water is depicted in large scale or small scale, figuratively or metaphorically, its capacity to mesmerize and captivate artists’ attention is undeniable.

Selected Artists: William J. Behnken, Philip Bennet, Richard Carleton, Antonio Frasconi, Takamune Ishiguro, Stanley Kaplan, Alessandro Mastro-Valerio, Judy Mensch, Frederick Mershimer, Peter Milton, Clare Romano, Ilse Schreiber Noll, Herbert Simon, Mary Teichman, Art Werger, and Karen Whitman.

For more information, please visit our Events page on our website, or check out the images selected for the show on our Current Show page. We hope to see you all there at the opening!

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Water Opens July 2012

Join us on Friday, July 20, 2012 for the opening of Water at The Old Print Gallery. The reception will be held from 5-8pm, is free, and open to the public. Please visit our website for more information.