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BLOSSOM DC to Open in March

The Old Print Gallery is pleased to announce its newest gallery exhibit, BLOSSOM DC. BLOSSOM DC opens on March 16, 2012 with a nighttime opening reception from 5-8pm at the gallery. Inspired by the 100 year anniversary of the gift of cherry trees from Japan to Washington, DC, this show celebrates the beauty and youthful energy of spring’s blossoms. Most exciting for the gallery is the large number of prints by local DC artists included in the show, which are coupled with a selection of works by NY contemporary artists and several early 20th century printmakers.

Highlights from BLOSSOM DC include new prints by DC artist Marti Patchell- intensely saturated works, composed of pulsing reds and hot pinks. Her large show stopping pieces rely on a combination of etching, reliefs, and stencils, creating prints that are cacophonous in color, untamed and stimulating homages to spring’s budding energy.  In contrast, Susan Goldman’s large scale woodcut plays with layers. Abstract blue and black brushstrokes create a deep and dark abyss, from which a large deep-red blossom emerges. Alternatively, local artist Philip Bennet’s prints are less representational, rooted in abstract forms and color interaction. His loose spills of paint and prismatic color schemes make for refreshing and organic monoprints.

Rare for the Old Print Gallery, this show will also feature a painting. Although we  deal exclusively in prints, one of our NY printmakers, Su-Li Hung, experiments in both mediums. Her painting on oil canvas, Taiwan Cherry Tree, will be accompany one of her woodcuts, St.Mark’s Church & Cherry Tree, on our gallery wall. An exciting coupling, her painting and print play off one another nicely- the bold, thick woodcut lines offer a noticeable contrast to her layered, painterly brushstrokes of oil paint.

BLOSSOM DC will open with a nighttime reception on Friday, March 16, from 5-8pm at the Old Print Gallery, located in the heart of Georgetown. Many of the artists will be in attendance, to share their inspiration and answer questions regarding their work and process. Free wine and light refreshments will be served, and the event is open to all ages.

Selected Artists: Philip Bennet, Childe Hassam, Susan Goldman, Su-Li Hung, Gene Kloss, Yvette Lucas, Marian Osher, Marti Patchell, Laurent Schkolnyk, Gerald Scheck, Erwin Thamm, and Emily Trueblood.

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2012 Winter Contemporary Show

The Old Print Gallery is pleased to announce our Winter Contemporary Show, which will open on January 27, 2012 and run until March 10, 2012. Over twenty different artists, who use printmaking as their primary medium for artistic expression, were selected for this show.

Highlights include prints by Robert Birmelin, whose prints mimic the fleeting shifts of focus and discord as past memories and current visual stimuli fight wrestle for attention and acknowledgment in the mind. Also included are works by Gerald Scheck, whose monochromatic prints feature uninhabited scenes so haunting and luminescent that they evoke a sense of otherworldliness. Prints by NY artist Takamune Ishiguro also excel, with fragmented and corroded lines sensuously folded into restorative sections of light and brilliance. The prints chosen for the show resonate with skill and intention, and reflect the current eclecticism of contemporary printmaking.

The exhibit will open with a nighttime reception on Friday, January 27, from 5-8pm at the Old Print Gallery, located in the heart of Georgetown. Free wine and light refreshments will be served, and the event is open to all ages.

Selected Artists: Linda Adato, William H. Behnken, Robert Birmelin, Michael DiCerbo, Lisa Dinhofer, Jenny Freestone, Red Grooms, Takamune Ishiguro, Stanley Kaplan, Robert Kipniss, Masaaki Noda, Alan Petrulis, Matt Phillips, Gerald Scheck, Nikolas Schiller, Ellen Nathan Singer, Richard Sloat,  Emily Trueblood, Bruce Waldman, Steven E. Walker, Art Werger, and Karen Whitman.

For more information, please visit our website here. Also, check back soon for individual posts about the featured artists.

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Past/Present: Apple Trees

Today we have a new P/P post, featuring two prints of apple trees, one by 20th century artist Albert W. Barker and one by contemporary artist Gerald Scheck. Scheck is a painter, sculptor and master printmaker, working with the traditional technique of intaglio & mezzotint. His etchings, engravings and drypoints of trees and wooded areas convey a mysterious feeling that goes beyond realism, thanks to his subtle monochromatic tones. He turns his own backyard, in the Catskill Mountains, into delicate tonalities and mysterious landscapes. Albert Barker was inspired by his surroundings as well, with many of his images coming from his own home in Rose Valley. His works also explored rural Pennsylvania, capturing the craftsmen and laborers working in the area. Barker became interested in printmaking in the early 1920s- first trying his hand at etching, but he was not happy with the technique. In 1926, he began collecting nineteenth-century French lithographs and producing his own. Lithography suited his quick drawing style and he produced a number of remarkable images, and he went on to write essays and books on the medium and technique.

Image on Left: Wild Apple by Albert W. Barker. Lithograph, 1930.

Image on Right: Bagnell’s Apple by Gerald Scheck. Drypoint, 2003.