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The 2012 Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day is next weekend. If you are still looking for a gift to get your dad, granddad, or partner in parenting, take a look at some of our suggestions below. Happy gifting and good luck!

OPG 2010 Father's Day Gift Guide

1. Urban Views. (Large) #1. By Patrick J. Anderson. Serigraph, 2003. Inscribed “3/12.” Anderson is a contemporary artist, currently living in Seattle.  $200.00 LINK

2. Civil War Uniforms (supplied title). Plate CLXXII. Published by the U.S. Government, Washington, DC. Chromolithograph, 1895. Lithographed by Julius Bien & Co. From “Atlas to Accompany the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies, 1861 – 1865”. Two rows of officer and soldier uniforms from both armies are separated by Illustrations of badges, buttons and other insignia. $425.00 LINK

3. America sive India Nova. By Michael Mercator. Published by Rumold Mercator, Duisburg. Copper plate engraving, 1595-1633.  Latin text (1616). This map is one of the most striking early maps of the Western Hemisphere. Michael Mercator, grandson of Gerard, engraved this plate, the only known printed map by him. $6,000.00 LINK

4. Baseball. By Jake Muirhead. Etching, aquatint, and drypoint, 2010. Inscribed, “A/P.” Muirhead is a local Washington, DC-based printmaker. $400.00 LINK

5. That Moment. By Art Werger. Mezzotint, 2010. Inscribed “10/25.”Art Werger is a contemporary artists who works and teaches out of Ohio University in Athens, OH. $100.00 LINK

6. Washington Receiving A Salute on the Field of Trenton. By John Faed. Engraved by William Holl. Published exclusively for the subscribers by the National Art Association of New York. Mixed-media engraving, 1865. With facsimile signature of George Washington. This handsome portrait depicts Washington as commander-in-chief, sword in hand, mounted on a white steed. $1,800.00 LINK

7. Cheetah Swerving. By Robert Cook. Bronze, 1992. Created using the lost-wax process. Cook’s prints and sculptures are currently on view at our Georgetown, DC gallery, in the exhibit Capturing the Verve. $3,500.00. LINK