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Past/Present: Two Women

Today we have a new Past/present for our readers, featuring prints of women in hats.  The older print is from a well-known and influential fashion magazine, La Mode Illustree. It was founded in 1860 by Emmeline Raymond, who edited it until her death in 1902. She expanded her influence to American women by becoming the Paris correspondent for Harper’s Bazaar when it first appeared in 1867.  La Mode Illustree was distributed on a weekly basis and each issue had a featured fashion plate inserted.

The early 20th century print is by Peggy Bacon, an artist known for her satirical and jocular commentary on New York’s social scene and art world. Her earlier works were mostly drypoint, but by the late 1920s, Bacon was employing lithography, etching and pastels. Through printmaking, her art developed a characteristic style- the conversion of appearances or people for a comically perceptive effect.

Image on Left: Le Moniteur de La Mode, No. 2 by Jules David. Published by Abel Goubud, Paris. Handcolored engraving, 1883.

Image on Right: Two Women #1 by Peggy Bacon. Conte drawing, 1931.