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Showing of his wheres

imagesCollector and map enthusiast Dennis Gurtz was featured in the Washington Post Magazine, alongside his impressive collection of maps. We urge our readers to check out the accompanying photo gallery on the Washington Post’s website, where he  shows off the “Arnold” map of Civil War forts in Washington and his Plan of the City of Washington, published in the Universal Asylum and Columbian Magazine in March 1792.

Showing off his wheres.  Washington Post Magazine Article by Kris Coronado, Photographs by Benjamin C. Tankersley.

If you want to start your own Washington DC map collection, make a visit to our shop- we will show you some of the first plans of the city, great 19th century and Civil War era maps, and even some 20th century real estate maps! We even have a Plan of the City of Washington for sale here- so come by and see it in person.

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New Additions: Baist’s Real Estate Atlas of Surveys of Washington

We now have at the gallery Baist’s Real Estate Atlas of Surveys of Washington, Volume 3. These folio maps, color lithographs backed on linen, were published in 1945 by R. H. Baist. These interesting and highly detailed survey maps of Northwest Washington, D.C. feature labeled streets, numbered blocks, and lots. The maps also show footprints of structures, color-coding for types of construction, lines for utilities, and more.

Color coding and symbols are explained in a table on each map. Each individual map is for sale, at $125.00 per map. Average sheet size 34 x 24 1/2″ (863 x 609 mm).

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Areas included in Volume 3, listed by map number:

  1. Georgetown
  2. Georgetown College
  3. Georgetown East
  4. Georgetown- Volta Park
  5. Kalorama- Washington Heights
  6. Kalorama- Washington Heights
  7. Adams Morgan
  8. Ingleside
  9. Meridian Hill
  10. Columbia Heights
  11. Mt. Pleasant
  12. Park View
  13. Pleasant Plains
  14. Howard
  15. LeDroit
  16. McMillan
  17. Old Soldiers Home
  18. Petworth
  19. 16th Street Heights
  20. Brightwood
  21. Manor Park
  22. Walter Reed
  23. Georgetown University
  24. Glover Park
  25. Naval Observatory
  26. National Cathedral- National Zoo
  27. Rock Creek
  28. Tenleytown
  29. American University
  30. Palisades
  31. A.U. Park
  32. Tenleytown
  33. Chevy Chase DC
  34. Chevy Chase DC
  35. Grant Circle
  36. Pinehurst
  37. Colonial Village- Shepherd Park
  38. Index Map

Stop by our gallery to see the Atlas- we have it on display for visitors to flip through. It is always fun to try and find your neighborhood- see how much has changed and how much has stayed the same since 1945. Big businesses and schools are all labeled, as well as many of the embassies. You can view each individual map on our website here.