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October 2013 Showcase- Read it Now!

Our new October 2013 Showcase has been sent out to our mailing list, and should hit mailboxes this week. The catalog features a wide range of prints and maps- striking portraits of American revolutionary heroes, important early maps and views of the Americas and Holy Land, traditional fall hunting scenes, and a sampling of contemporary and early 20th century prints from our two most recent shows, PER-FORM and Alessandro Mastro-Valerio: A Retrospective.

Published in both traditional and digital media forms, we are now able to share our fantastic collection in a whole new way.  We are already working on our next issue, just in time for the holidays. To receive our next Showcase, just send us your mailing information, via email.

Read the October Showcase:

The Old Print Gallery Showcase. October 2013. CLICK TO READ!

The Old Print Gallery Showcase.
October 2013.

We hope you enjoy it!


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