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Past/Present: Presidents of the United States

Today we have two prints of American presidents, one published in 1842 and one published forty-seven years later in 1889. The older print is a decorative arrangement of the first ten American presidents, from George Washington to John Tyler. The 1889 print is an impression from the black stone of an untitled, unfinished color lithograph, depicting 23 presidents, from George Washington to Benjamin Harrison.  The older print is very ornate, decorated with flags, a stately eagle, and fine, flowery script.  In contrast, 1883 print is more austere and informative. We hope you enjoy!

Image on Left: Presidents of the United States.  By Thomas Illman. Engraving, 1842.

Image on Right: [Presidents of the United States].  Published by Bufford Litho. Company.  Lithograph, c.1889.




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