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Fresh Cuts: Through the Matrix

detail_event_image_79The Old Print Gallery is excited to announce Fresh Cuts: Through the Matrix, an artist demonstration, film screening, and talk with acclaimed DC printmaker and documentary film director, Susan Goldman.  On Saturday, October 12, in conjunction with FAD Georgetown 2013, The Old Print Gallery will host Goldman, as she demonstrates the step-by-step process of printing an original woodcut print. Famed for her inclusion of symbols and patterns derived from the natural world, Goldman’s woodcuts offer a mystical, colorful, and innovative approach to the traditional still life. This demonstration will offer a unique and rare opportunity to engage in dialogue with one of DC’s leading printmakers, as well as understand and appreciate the work and fine-tuned technique that goes into printing an original woodcut. The demonstration is free, and will run from 2-4pm at the gallery.

Midwest Matrix Press PhotoThe gallery will also be screening, for the first time in DC, Midwest Matrix TM, Goldman’s documentary exploration of the history, artists, and stories of post-WWII Midwestern print departments and studios. Including interviews and discussions with famed artists like Garo Antreasian, Dr. Margaret Burroughs, Sid Chafetz, Warrington Colescott, and Mauricio Lasansky, the film is a tribute to the university fine-art programs of the mid-1940s to mid-1950s and an acknowledgement of the individual artist-professors whose work, and that of their students, contributed to the now celebrated post-war printmaking revival in America. Midwest Matrix TM will play from 2-4pm in the gallery. At 4pm, Goldman will host an informal Q&A about her documentary.

Fresh Cuts: Through the Matrix promises to be informative and engaging for printmakers, collectors, and those curious about the process and rich history of printmaking.

Susan Goldman is Artistic Director and Owner of Lily Press, in Rockville, Maryland, as well as Director and Producer for Midwest Matrix TM. Her recent projects include collaborations with artists Enrique Chagoya, William Wiley, Jo Baer, and EJ Montgomery. Her work can be found in major museums and private collections all around the world- Kyoto City Museum, Smithsonian American Art Museum, Cincinnati Museum, as well as the Library of Congress.

*For more information on Midwest Matrix TM, check out the website Matrix TM is licensed for personal and educational use only.


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