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A Clover Leaf World Map

6768Die gantze Welt in ein Kleberblat, Welches ist der Stadt Hannover meines lieben Vaterlandes Wapen. By Heinrich Bunting. Woodblock, c.1581. Image size 10 x 14 1/4″ (254 x 362 mm) plus title, text and margins. German text on verso.

Today we are sharing one of our more unique world maps- a woodblock by Heinrich Bunting, that depicts the world as a clover leaf. A fascinating and early depiction, this map presents a Holy Land-centric look at the earth, based upon the Scriptures, with Jerusalem at the center of the Word. This map is characteristic of a T-O world map model, which was prevalent among medieval maps.  Europe, Africa and Asia are within the 3 clover leaves, while England, Scandinavia and America lie outside the primary circles. Interesting details can be found in the oceans- monsters, mermaids and a large sailing vessel are all depicted.

Bunting was a theological commentator from Hanover. He first published his book of woodcut maps, Itinerarium Sacrae Scriptura, in 1581.  The book provided the most complete summary of biblical geography available and described the Holy Land by following the travels of various notable people from the Old and New Testaments. The work is also famous among collectors as one of the great compilations of thematic maps, including Europe as a Queen and Asia as Pegasus. The work was reprinted at least 10 times in several languages over the next 70 years.

Purchase or view  the map on our website, or in our Georgetown gallery.


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