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Past/Present: A Man and his Horse

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Today we  have a new Past/Present post for our blog readers, with two prints of a man and his horse. These two pairs of travelers are alike in their solitude and the prints are alike in their fantastical use of color. Blazing reds and oranges  pop against the white snow in William Dickes’ The Horse Tamer, while Leo Frank’s color woodcut Man Leading Horse offers a rich palette of deep blues, purples, and greens.

Man Leading Horse is a new print for our gallery- it was acquired during this year’s Capital Art Fair, and is now visible on our website and in person at our Georgetown shop.

Image on Left: The Horse Tamer.  William Dickes. Published London. Chromolithograph, c. 1870. Good condition and color.

Image on Right: Man Leading a Horse (Untitled). Leo Frank. Color woodcut, c. 1925. Good condition with original color.   Fleck in paper (from paper making process). Signed in pencil.

horse_tamer_william_dickes_3306 (1)



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