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Past/Present: Maps of Italy

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Today we have a Past/Present post featuring maps of Italy. From the mid-15th century to the beginning of the 19th century, the Spanish,  Austrians,  and French fought for control of Italy. After the defeat of Napoleon in 1815, and following many decades of division and war, Italy was finally unified. It became a nation-state in 1861 when the regional states of the peninsula, along with Sardinia and Sicily, were united under King Victor Emmanuel II.

Image on Left: Nuova Carta Generale dell Italia. By Giovanni B. Albrizzi. Published by Giovanni Albrizzi, Venice. Copper plate engraving with original outline hand coloring, 1740. A fine map from “Atlante Novissimo Che Contiene Tutte Le Parti Del Mondo….” This atlas was published in Venice and was based on the work of Isaak Tirion, which in turn was based largely on the work of Guillaume De L’Isle.

Image on Right: Johnson’s Italy. By A. J. Johnson. Published by A. J. Johnson, New York. Hand colored engraving, c. 1864-72. This map was published in  “Johnson’s New Illustrated Family Atlas of the World.” Map includes clearly defined counties and territories. Inset in lower left is of Malta and its Dependencies.




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