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Past/Present: Oranges

Today we have a new P/P post, featuring two prints of oranges. The older print was printed by Monrocq. Issued as part of a teaching poster series entitled “Mobilier et Materiel pour l’Enseignement”, this poster shows the many facets of the orange, lemon, tangerine, and their various uses. The contemporary print is by artist Sarah Sears. Sears is a New York City artist, who is driven by “the formal elements of a piece — the energy of a line, the sensuality of a shape, the drama created by contrasting values.” Here, she offers two views of a blood orange- a rounded half and a slice of orange- divided and constrained by both a rectangle and light and dark space. Enjoy!

Image on Left: A Laranja (The Orange). 538 B. Published by Les fils d’Emile Deyrolle, Paris. Printed by Monrocq for “Mobilier et Materiel pour l’Enseignement.” Lithograph with original hand color, c. 1880. 

Image on Right: Two Views of a Blood Orange.  By Sarah Sears. Etching, 2000. Artist’s Proof. 














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