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New Additions: Antique Valentine’s Day Cards



NEW ADDITIONSWe just added a whole set of late-19th century and early-20th century Valentine’s Day cards. These elaborate and beautiful cards feature fold-outs, paper lace, and  very sweet messages of love and adoration.


To My Valentine. : In these blue forget-me-nots, : In these fragrant roses too, : Read the message fond and true : From my faithful heart to you. Die-cut color lithograph, Undated. c.1880.

While handmade Valentine’s Day cards were in existence long before, the first printed paper cards made in the United States appeared around 1840. We have many stand-up cards with a base and several three-dimensional fold-out layers, which were popular designs from about 1895 until 1915.  Cards featuring honeycomb paper puffs, which open to form bells, fans, balls, hearts and other shapes, were also popular. These intricate designs were practical to mail, and made strong visual statements when finally opened up by the recipients.

Have I not told my love to thee? A love that e'er will constant prove... Paper lace, c.1890.

Have I not told my love to thee? A love that e’er will constant prove… Paper lace, c.1890.

Loving Thoughts. Published by A-Meri-Card. Made in U.S.A. Die-cut color lithograph, Undated. c.1925. Both eyes and pointing hand can move.

Loving Thoughts.  Die-cut color lithograph, Undated. c.1925. 

In the the 1930’s cards with mechanical parts came into vogue. The recipient would be able to pull on a lever in the card, to make a heart move, an eye wink, or a message to pop out.

These cards will make great gifts for the fast-approaching Valentine’s Day or any upcoming special anniversaries. They are beautiful, unique, and continue a time-honored tradition of love.

To view more cards, visit our gallery or the Valentine’s Day Section of our website. Follow the link here to view some beautiful examples.

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