Contemporary, Early 20th Century, Lithograph, Past/Present, Prints, Woodcut

Past/Present: Market Scene

Today we have a new P/P post, featuring market scenes, by contemporary artist Ellen Nathan Singer and 20th century printmaker Matt Phillips. These artists both use dramatic black lines to add depth and dimension to their prints, resulting in two strong, graphic prints. Phillips plays with diagonal shapes and lines to mimic the awnings of French street vendors, while Singer’s shapely barrels, boxes, and vases fill her engaging scene. We hope you enjoy this paring! As always, both prints are available for purchase, and can also be viewed in person at our Georgetown gallery, or online at our website.  Singer’s print, Autumn Market,  is currently in our Winter Contemporary Show, on view until February 9th.

Image on Left: Market Scene. By Matt Phillips. Lithograph, 1963. Edition of 12.

Image on Right: Autumn Market.  By Ellen Nathan Singer. Woodcut, 2009. Edition of 10.




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