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Yolanda Frederikse

View From Key Bridge. By Yolanda Frederikse. Stone lithograph, 2011.

View From Key Bridge. By Yolanda Frederikse. Stone lithograph, 2011.

Yolanda Frederikse is a new addition to our contemporary collection. Known for her prints and watercolor scenes of the Washington Metropolitan Area, Yolanda is regularly inspired by her environment. Her printmaking includes monotypes, linocuts, and stone lithographs. She works of a studio located in Kensington, Maryland.

She is a Signature Member of the National Watercolor Society since 1984. She has exhibited with the American Watercolor Society and received its Travel Award. In 2000, Frederikse was juried into the Washington Society of Landscape Painters and was later awarded a fellowship from the National Endowment for the Humanities for her measured drawings of 18th century structures in Maryland.

Frederikse has painted extensively in international locals, including Italy, Holland, UK, Bali, Mexico and South Africa, and has led workshops in Portugal. She has exhibited throughout the US and in Shanghai, New Delhi, Cairo, and St. Petersburg. Having received her Bachelors of Fine Arts and a Bachelors in Fine Art Education, as well as being awarded a Master’s Degree from American University in Fine Arts, Yolanda is extremely learned in her craft. She has taught at the university level, and her unique monotype printmaking technique is described in detail with photos in Monotype Mediums and Methods for Painterly Printmaking (Julia Ayres, 1991).

Frederikse regularly shows her work in solo exhibitions. Her latest exhibition, “Before and After Derecho” was at the Washington Printmakers Gallery from October 31 – November 25, 2012. Her print View From Key Bridge (stone lithograph, 2011) was selected for our “2012 Winter Contemporary Show” and remains on view until February 9, 2013.

Reunion. By Yolanda Frederikse. Stone lithograph, 2011.

Reunion. By Yolanda Frederikse. Stone lithograph, 2011.

Artist Statement: “I discovered that my own little postage stamp of native soil was worth writing about,” said author William Faulkner, “and that I would never live long enough to exhaust it.” As an artist and printmaker, I am similarly convinced that I will never tire of my immediate environment. The more familiar I become with my home area, the stronger I feel the need to make it a focus of my art work.

 My passion for nature has led me to landscapes, although I am also attracted by the human figure, which I believe can bring life and a special meaning to my work. My continuing curiosity about Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia, as well as other parts of the mid-Atlantic, the rest of the US and the world, has given rise to prints depicting birds and florals, parks and rural areas, as well as images of city life, always guided by a need for realism.

 I realize that in future years people may see a very different world than I have committed to paper and canvas. My prints and paintings will bear witness to the changes and, I fear, often to irretrievable loss.”



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