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2012 HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE: World Traveler

They have visited all the continents. They have more stamps on their passports than you do. They travel by air, by car, by rail, and by sea. They are the world travelers. What do you get someone who has been everywhere and seen everything? Prints and maps of their travel destinations, of course! And we got you covered. Check out our gift selections for the world traveler below!

A General Chart Exhibiting the Discoveries Made by Captn. James Cook in this and his Two Preceeding Voyages; with the Tracks of the Ships under his Command. By Henry Roberts. Published by Order of the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty. London. Engraving, 1784. Roberts was the Masters Mate on Cook’s third voyage and was given the task of compiling the surveys for the trip. This chart delineates the tracks for each of Cook’s voyage by color. $2,500.00

Basilica San Marco, Veddute di Venezia. By Antonio Frasconi. Aquatint, 1969.Titled in pencil. Signed and dated in image. Ed. 25. $800.00.

Rheims Cathedral. (Exterior). By Louis Orr. Etching, 1917. Artist’s Proof. Signed in the plate at lower left and in pencil in lower right margin. $1,100.00.

Circuit Europeen. By Gamy. Published by Mabileau & Co. Pochoir print, 1911. A fine early aviation print from the Gamy-Montaut series, which documents the earliest examples of motorized transportation, including automobile, motorcycle, speedboat and airplane races. $850.00.

South America. By S. Augustus Mitchell. Engraving handcolored, 1846. This map is from “A New Universal Atlas.” With original wash color. $285.00.

Madrid (Puerta del Sol). Chromolithograph, c. 1900. View of “The Puerta del Sol,” Madrid. Printed in Germany. $245.00.

Orbis Terrae Compendiosa Descriptio. By Giuseppe Rosaccio. Published by Lasor a Varea, Padua. Copper engraving, 1713. $1,200.00.

[Egyptian Antiquity] No. XCIX.. Published by Niccolo Capurro, Pisa. Etching, hand colored, 1834. From “I Monumenti dell’ Egitto e della Nubia”. By Dr. Ippolito Rosellini of the University of Pisa. $395.00

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