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New Additions: Heather McMordie

Today we are happy to present a new artist to the OPG contemporary collection- Heather McMordie. An emerging talent in the printmaking scene, McMordie received her certificate in Printmaking from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts (PAFA) in 2012 and is set to graduate with her Bachelors of Fine Arts from University of Pennsylvania in 2013. McMordie is already the recipient of many awards and honors, including the 2012 Print Center Prize, Special Notice James L. Sentz Memorial Award, Special Notice Leon C. Bunkin Memorial Prize, as well as the 2011 Wickersham Purchase Prize. Her work in collagraphy and lithography explores the effects of time and circumstance on nature- in its constant building, layering, and eventual destruction of, material.

Fossils in Folds. By Heather McMordie. Lithograph, on Rives BFK paper, 2011.

McMordie’s Artist Statement:

“Nature, the deconstruction of it, and the reconstruction through art, has been the main source of my imagery lately. Recently, I have been abstracting rocks into separate forms, shapes, colors and textures, and reconstituting these smaller pieces in new rock-like interpretations. My work exploits multi-color, multi-plate, multi-process printmaking, by combining collagraphic and lithographic processes. Just as the unique beauty of a mineral or rock is dependent on variables of time, pressure, and chemical make-up, so too multiple plates can be pieced together in infinite combinations to create distinctly unique images. The specific combination of shape, color, and texture that defines one image, when slightly altered can result in an entirely new and equally beautiful image. Collagraph and lithograph provide me with the platform on which to explore these combinations that reflect the complex simplicity I so appreciate in rocks and other natural forms.”

Experiment 1. By Heather McMordie. Lithograph with collagraph, on Stonehenge paper, 2012.

We hope you enjoy her prints. To see them in person, stop by our Georgetown gallery. You can also view these prints online.

To Be Received Again. By Heather McMordie. Lithograph with collagraph, on Stonehenge paper, 2012.


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