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War of 1812 Exhibit at The Old Print Shop

A VIEW of the BOMBARDMENT of Fort McHenry… By John Bower. Aquatint and engraving, c.1819, re-engraving c.1905.

Our partners in New York, The Old Print Shop, have teamed up with  Michael Buehler of Boston Rare Maps to launch a joint exhibit of prints and maps relating to the Second War of Independence:  the War of 1812. The exhibit opened on September 29, but it is still on view at the Old Print Shop until November 9th. We urge our followers to visit the shop in NY and see the fascinating collection of battle scenes, military maps and political cartoons and prints issued during wartime.

The Old Print Shop and Boston Rare Maps also collaborated on a special joint issue of The Portfolio, cataloging the prints in the exhibit  with fascinating detail and historical context. You can view the online version of the Portfolio here:


Battle of New Orleans : and Death of Major General Packenham : on the 8th of January 1815. Drawn by [William Edward] West. Engraved, published and sold by J. Yeager. Aquatint, etching, and line engraving, 1816.

To the Right Honorable Charles Philip Yorke, First Lord of the Admiralty, : This Print elucidating the extreme disproportion of Force between the American Frigate President Commodore Rogers, and His Majesty’s Sloop… Published by J. Hassell and J. Cartwright, London. Aquatint and engraving, 1811.

British Barbarity and Piracy ! !. . . The “LEOPARD OUTSPOTTED” or Chesapeak [sic] Outrage outdone. Publisher unknown possibly Abijah Adams and Ebenezer Rhoades. Boston, March, 25, 1808. Folio broadside, 1808.


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