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Past/Present: Clouds & Ships

Today we have a new P/P post, featuring two ship prints. The older print is an 1925 lithograph from George C. Wales.  Wales (1868-1940) was an MIT graduate in naval architecture and a noted marine artist. He worked at the firm of Peabody & Stearns in Boston, from 1888 to 1891. He was in partnership from 1891 to 1906 at Wales & Holt, Boston, Massachusetts and then maintained a private design business until 1924. He began to study art by 1917 and had his first exhibition in 1921. He published “Etchings and Lithographs of American Ships” in 1927 and also produced vessel drawings used as illustrations in various publications by Howard I. Chapelle.

The contemporary print is by Stanley Kaplan, and is currently part of our summer show, Water. As an active artist since 1950, Kaplan has divided his time between wood carved murals, printmaking and artist books. Using recorded observation, photographs, and sketches and drawings from nature, his prints emerge from his interactions with the outside world. He states, “All aspects of my environment, society and personal life fuel my imagination. As an artist I want to communicate my ideas and emotions to an observer through formal visual means, literal associations and poetic metaphor…

…Drawing from life or a photograph with pen and brush on paper or gouging into linoleum or wood, their lines, shapes and tones are unique as my handwriting. I observe and make note of the tensions of shape, weight, and gesture of a subject. Work intuitively I am fascinated by what happens accidentally. Adding one line impression to another, like riding a wave, I let myself flow with the movement. I do not visualize the complete image nor am I aware of every line being made. An image unfolds because something inside me knows where I’m going.”

Image on Left: Ship Columbia and Sloop Washington to the Northwest Coast, 1787.  American Ships II.By George C. Wales. Lithograph, 1924. Edition 61.

Image on Right: White Cloud. By Stanley Kaplan. Linoleum cut, 2005. Edition 5/25.

To find out more about our gallery show Water, click here.


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