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Gibraltar: Maps and Views

Below is a quick sampling of material we have on Gibraltar. Located at the southern end of the Iberian peninsula, Gibraltar has been an important naval stronghold and valuable shipping port. Moreover, it offers visitors a lush nature reserve and beautiful rock faces, the opportunity to visit old Morrish castles and walk through fortress that have survived Napoleonic battles, the Crimean War, and fighting in World War II. Consequently, many artists and cartographers have captured the region in their engraved sea charts, maps, and handpainted intaglio prints.

A Chart of the Straits of Gibralter. Published by Mount and Page, London. Copper plate engraving, c. 1716. Engraved by Joel Gascoyne. From “The English Pilot,” the famous, ever-changing collection of English seacharts published in the late 17th and 18th centuries. This chart shows the tides running through the Straits of Gibraltar, between southern Spain and northern Africa. Tide tables appear at top and bottom.

Gibraltar. By Tirpenne. Published by L. Turgis, Paris. Lithograph; hand colored, c 1860. From “Ports de mer d’Europe — Espagne”

De Haven en Straat van Gibraltar. Published by J. Covens and C. Mortier, Amsterdam. Copper plate engraving, c.1730. A handsome large scale map of the strategically important harbor of Gibraltar. Two inset maps and a view adorn this map. One depicts the straits of Gibraltar, the other a close up of the town. The view is of the citadel from the harbor. The promontory Gibraltar was captured in 1704 by a combined English-Dutch naval force during the War of the Spanish Succession. According to the terms of the Peace of Utrecht (1713), Gibraltar remained an English possession. The Spanish attempted to regain this strategic stronghold via a siege in 1726-1727. This map by Joannes Covens and Cornelis Mortier likely depicts this siege.

Gibraltar, from the Sand Hills, near San Rock. Published by Nuttall, Fisher & Co., Liverpool, Sep. 15, 1814. Copper engraving, hand colored, 1814. Engraved by T. Berry.

Carte Nouvelle de l’Isle de Cadix & du Detroit de Gibraltar. By Homann Heirs. Published by Homann Heirs, Nuremberg. Copper engraving, hand colored, c.1730. Map after Jean de Petit. This map shows an extremely close-up map of Cadiz and Gibraltar, the strait and the Tangier area of North Africa, decorated with three well-detailed ships in the Atlantic.

Carte de la Barbarie le la Nigritie et de la Guinee. By Guillaume De L’Isle. Published by G. de L’Isle, Paris. Handcolored copper plate engraving, 1700-12. A detailed map of West Africa from Gibraltar and Tripoli south to the Gulf of Guinea.

For more prints and views of Gibraltar, visit our gallery in Georgetown or our website.


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