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Past/Present: Daffodils

Today we have a new P/P post, featuring two prints of daffodils. Our older print comes from the book Die Pflanze in Kunst und Gewerbe (trans: The Plant in Art and Trade) published by Gerlach & Schenk, c. 1885. With over 60 monotone lithographs and color chromolithographs featured, the book visually integrates useful information about native and wild plants with decorative motifs. Several plates feature plants incorporated into decorative and stylized objects, like vases, gate design, intricate trellis work, and furniture. Other plates, like the one below, highlight the plants in  still-life compositions. Pastel colors and decorative flourishes embody this popular tome of Art-Nouveau floral design.

Our contemporary print comes from NY artist Emily Trueblood. Trueblood is known for her clean lines and bright blocks of color. Stylistically, her print featured below offers up a refreshing contrast to the more delicate and embellished work of Die Pflanze. No stranger to the OPG blog, more of her work can be seen here.

Image on Left: Die Pflanze, pl. 14. Published by Gerlach & Schenk, Vienna. Chromolithograph, c. 1885.

Image on Right: Daffodils by Emily Trueblood. Woodcut, 2008. Ed. 8/50.


4 thoughts on “Past/Present: Daffodils

  1. joel blatchford says:

    I have a watercolor painting by Emily s. bright from 1838 signed and dated she was 12 when she signed if I send a picture let me know what I have thank you Joel blatchford

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