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Past/Present: Camels

Today we have a new P/P post, featuring two representations of camels. The  earlier print is by 20th century American artist and etcher, Thomas Handforth. Handforth was born in Tacoma, Washington in 1897. He studied art at the University of Washington, and at L’Ecole des Beaux Arts in France. Handforth lived in various locations such as Paris, India, North Africa, Mexico and China, and derived much of his subject matter from his travels. His best known work is a illustrated book entitled Mei Li (1938), which won the Caldecott Medal in ’39.

The contemporary sculpture is by printmaker and sculptor Robert Cook. Using the lost wax process, Cook’s bronze sculptures capture the human and animal form in movement. On sculpting his medals, Cook wrote, ” working with the circle is exciting as a limitation. Forms in a circle, at least to me, spin as if by centrifugal force, escape over the edge, or even widen into three dimensions and become spheres. Sometimes they leave the sphere altogether…” A one-man show of Cook’s bronze sculptures and prints, Capturing the Verve,  will be on view at the gallery from May 18- July 14, 2012.

Image on Left: Camels. [Untitled]. by Thomas Handforth. Etching, 1927. Edition unknown, signed in pencil .

Image on Right: Medal Camel Seated by Robert Cook . Bronze sculpture, 2002. Edition 1/10. Signed.


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