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New Additions: Maps

We have some new additions to our collection this week. Several new maps, both foreign and local, have made it to our shop. We are really excited about a collection of Blaeu maps, as well as an attractive and modern map of Richmond, VA.  Any maps you see below can be found on our website, and if one in particular catches your eye, you can buy it directly over the phone and we will ship it to you, or you ask for it to be placed on hold for you to view in-person at our Georgetown gallery. Below is a quick list of highlights:

1. Jerusalem et suburbia eius, sicut tempore Christi floruit, cum locis, in quibus Christus passus, est: quae religiose a Christianis obferuata, etia nu venerationi habetur.

By Christiaan van Adrichomius. Copper plate engraving, 1584-1682. Van Adrichom’s beautiful plan of the city of Jerusalem, the most important plan of the city published in the 16th century. Oriented to the north, this large scale plan shows the city and immediate surroundings as it was at the time of Christ. The important divisions of the city, its walls and gates are labeled. Also identified are over two hundred fifty sites including the ancient City of David, Mount Sion and Mount Calvary.

2. Richmond and Manchester, Virginia

By George Cram. Published by A.A. Grant. Color roto-engraving, 1892. A very detailed map of the city of Richmond that appeared in “Grant’s Bankers’ and Brokers’ Railroad Atlas.”

3. The London American. Map of the Seat of War, Positions of the Rebel Forces, Batteries, Entrenchments and Encampments in Virginia – The Fortifications for the protection of Richmond.

Published in the London American, London. Stone engraving, c.1861. An interesting and quite graphic map. Surrounding the image on the two sides is: “The ‘London American,’ An International Newspaper, Published Every Wednesday Morning, Price 3d. Office 9, Exeter Change, & All Newsman.” Reference is made in the lower margin to the “Battle of Bull’s [sic] Run, fought on Sunday, the 21st July [1861], about 22,000 unionists and about 60,000 rebels were in the engagement.” An earlier version of this map was published in the morning edition of the New York Herald, June 17, 1861. 

4. Le Gouvernement de l’Isle de France.

By Joan Blaeu. Published by Guiljelmum Blaeu, Amsterdam. Copper plate engraving, c.1640. A decorative map centered on the city of Paris. Embellished with a beautiful cartouche, scale of miles and Royal coat of arms, with original hand coloring. This example is from a French text edition of Blaeu’s “Le Theatre du Monde, Nouvel Atlas”

5. Champagne latine Campania, Comitatus.

By Joan Blaeu. Published by Guiljelmum Blaeu, Amsterdam. Hand-colored engraving, c.1650. A decorative map of the famous French Champagne wine region. Embellished with a handsome title cartouche and distance scale, each flanked by cherubs, with original hand coloring. This example is from a 1650 French text edition of Blaeu’s “Le Theatre du Monde, Nouvel Atlas”

6. Novissima Russiae Tabula.

By Henricus Hondius. Published by Abraham Wolfgang, Amsterdam. Copper plate engraving, c.1688. A later edition of Hondius’ map of the Russian Empire and Scandinavia. Embellished with a decorative cartouche and coat of arms, plus sailing ships and sea monsters. Original hand color with gold leaf highlights. Based on the cartography of Isaac Massa. This map was issued in Wolfgang’s “Atlas Minor” which is a compilation of maps originally issued by Blaeu, de Wit, Visscher and others.


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