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Past/Present: Spring Break

Yesterday marked the beginning of spring, and with the pleasant weather, blooming flowers, and increasing numbers of tourist groups stopping by the gallery, we thought it only appropriate to do a spring break-themed Past/Present post. Our older print comes from Harper’s Weekly Illustrated Newspaper and one of the foremost 19th century American printmakers, Winslow Homer. It was published on  September 19, 1874 in Harper’s Weekly as a wood engraving. The featured contemporary print is by Evan Lindquist, a talented printmaker based in Arkansas. Lindquist taught art, drawing, and printmaking at Arkansas State University for forty years. His work is mostly burin engravings. This print comes from a whole series by Lindquist entitled Academe. 

Image on Left: Flirting on the Sea-Shore and on the Meadow by Winslow Homer. Published by Harper’s Weekly Illustrated Newspaper. Wood engraving, September 19, 1874.

Image on Right: Academe: Spring Break by Evan Lindquist. Engraving, 2005. Ed.50.





To view more prints by Winslow Homer, click here. To view more prints by Evan Lindquist, visit our website or his personal website.



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