Contemporary, Early 20th Century, Linocut, Past/Present, Prints, Woodcut

Past/Present: Snow

Washingtonians woke up to snow-covered trees and sidewalks this morning, so we thought it only fitting to celebrate the beauty of our wintry mix with a Past/Present post. Our older print is by acclaimed woodblock artist Lilian May Miller. The daughter of a diplomat, Miller grew up and studied art in Tokyo. After attending college in the states at Vassar, she eventually moved back to Japan to continue her printmaking studies with printmaking master Shimada Bokusen. As much devoted to her imagery as to the production of her prints, Lilian cut, carved and printed each of her woodblock prints.

Our more recent print is from contemporary NY-based artist Emily Trueblood. The Old Print Gallery held a three month long show of Emily Trueblood’s work in the fall of 2011.

Image on Left: Morning Snow on Bamboo, Japan. (A).  By Lilian May Miller. Color woodcut, 1920.

Image on Right: Snowy Tree by Emily Trueblood. Two-block linocut, 1996.



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