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Past/Present: The Old Violin

Today we have a new P/P post, featuring two prints of the violin. Our 19th century print, The Old Violin, was published 1887 by Donaldson Art Sign Co., Covington, Ky. It was printed after the renowned trompe l’oeil painting by William Harnett, whose name appears on the envelope at lower left. This is one of the most important and popular American 19th century chromolithographs. Our contemporary print is by Laurent Schkolnyk, a French artist known for his three-plate color mezzotints. Inspired by music, especially jazz, Schkolnyk’s prints resonate the lively energy and spontaneity of the creative arts.

Image on Left: The Old Violin by William Harnett. Chromolithograph, 1887.

Image on Right: Grand Violen Rouge by Laurent Schkolnyk. Color mezzotint, 2006.




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