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New Prints by Jake Muirhead

"Figure with Lemon" by Jake Muirhead. Soft-ground etching with drypoint, 2009.

The Old Print Gallery is pleased to announce a solo show of prints by local printmaker Jake Muirhead, opening on November 11, 2011. New Prints by Jake Muirhead will feature over twenty etchings, aquatints, and drypoints by the artist.  Muirhead’s prints consist of still lifes and figurative subjects, with a free-handed approach that exudes a rare intensity and liveliness. His talented hand allows for a line or scratch to depict an object, but also contain its own beauty.

"Claws" by Jake Muirhead. Soft-ground etching, drypoint, and roulette, 2010.

The exhibit will open with a nighttime reception on Friday, November 11, from 5-8pm at the Old Print Gallery, located in the heart of Georgetown. This reception will give viewers a special first-hand look at Muirhead’s new collection. Jake will be in attendance to discuss his work and artistic process. Free wine and light refreshments will be served throughout the night, and the event is open to all ages. We encourage all OPG followers to take advantage of this unique opportunity to meet this talented fixture in the DC printmaking community. For more info on the event, click here.

About the Artist: Muirhead earned his MFA in Printmaking from GMU, is Associate Printmaker at Pyramid Atlantic Art Center in MD, and teaches drawing at Montgomery College. He is also a founding member of the print group Atelier Four. He has exhibited his etchings in numerous national and international print shows, such as the Tallery Xalubina Printmaking Workshop Exhibition in Spain, the Guanlan International Prints Biennale in China, the Pacific Rim International Print Exhibition in New Zealand, as well as shows in Connecticut, New Jersey, and Washington DC.  Jake lives in Takoma Park with his wife Ginna and their ten year old son Andrew.

"Orchard Trees" by Jake Muirhead. Etching and aquatint, 2011.

Artist Statement:  “These prints are about the interplay between observation and imagination.  While the imagery does resolve itself into recognizable subjects, there are also passages that wander freely into space. When working on a plate, I want the marks to move in and out of the world of figurative description.  If a line can be seen as both descriptive and a pure mark- suggestive of any number of things but untethered to anything specific, it breathes and has life.

"Pine Cone" by Jake Muirhead. Drypoint, 2010.

When I began making etchings in graduate school, they were all invented landscapes.  I kept drawing these bent and twisted limbs like the ones in “Orchard Trees.”  My Professor Susan Goldman used to say I really wanted to draw the figure, and she was right.  Only after I began teaching life drawing at Montgomery College did the figures start to show up in my work.  The figures are drawn from the model in the classroom with my students.  I think they enjoy watching me struggle right along with them.  Still life is something I’ve been interested in for a long time – it’s more or less inescapable as I probably see everything as a still life arrangement.”

We hope to see all of our OPG supporters and art lovers at the opening next week!


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