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Past/Present: Geese

Today we have a new P/P post, featuring prints of geese. The juxtaposition of the crisp white feathers against the inky black water is so striking in the first two prints by early 20th century artist Thomas Handforth and contemporary artist Su-Li Hung. On the second pair of prints, despite  different techniques and styles, the strong composition and graceful depiction of a goose’s elongated neck make these two prints a nice match.

Image on Left: Three White Geese by Thomas Handforth.  Etching and aquatint, c.1924.

Image on Right: The White Geese  by Su-Li Hung. Color woodcut, 1979.








Image on the Left: Geese by Theodore Breidwiser. Published in Hartinger’s Wandtafen: Zoologie. Chromolithograph, c.1900.

Image on the Right: Canada Geese by Peter Gourfain. Woodcut, 1990.







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