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Past/Present: Washington Monument

Today’s Past/Present post highlights the Washington Monument here in DC. The Washington Monument sits at the west end of the National Mall and is both the tallest structure in DC and the world’s tallest obelisk. Built to commemorate our first president, General George Washington, the monument’s construction was started in 1848, but was not completed until the year 1884, due to the lack of funding and the Civil War.

Image on Left: The Washington Monument. Published by J.A. and R. A. Reid. From “Picturesque Washington” by Joseph West Moore. Wood engraving, hand colored, 1884-88.

Image on Right: Under the Monument by Emily Trueblood. Two-block linocut, 2011.










Just for fun, I’ve posted the Harper’s Weekly from November 20, 1884, showing a wood engraving of 6 men setting the capstone on the Washington Monument. Included in the image are BR Green- Civil Engineer, Capt. G.W. Davis- Engineer, P.H. McLaughlin- Superintendent, Col. T. I. Casey- Government Engineer, and two riggers.


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