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Past/Present: Washington DC Maps

Today we have a new P/P post, featuring two DC city maps, both new and old. The Old Print Gallery specializes in antique maps, and for many years, the gallery only sold old prints and maps ( like the 1793 Washington DC map shown below). Once we decided to embrace the 21st century and show works by local (and living) artists, we thought it would be fitting for the gallery’s first show to feature a contemporary cartographer. Nikolas Schiller, known as DC’s renegade cartographer, was the perfect choice. His maps, created from modified aerial photography, depict DC’s neighborhoods as a kaleidoscope of colors and shapes, drawing attention to, and appreciation for, DC’s grid-like streets and famous traffic circles. Now, almost a year later, one of Schiller’s maps can be found on the OPG walls again, this time in our new show, Location, Location, Location, which opens today, and runs until September 10.

Image on Left: Plan of the City of Washington by J. Good. Published by Literary Magazine and British Review, London. Engraving, 1793.

Image on Right: Georgetown Quilt- West by Nikolas Schiller. Modified aerial photograph, 2010.


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