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Past/Present: California

With our third show in our summer series- Location, Location, Location- on the mind, I ran across these two prints. The print by Aldrin is a somewhat new addition to our gallery, while the historic print is actually part of The Old Print Shop’s inventory ( our NY partners). Canon of Psuc-See-Que Creek Near Camp 41.A. was commissioned by the United States Pacific Rail Road for a survey of California lands. They were looking for potential  railroad routes from the Mississippi River to the Pacific, and sent a team of surveyors and naturalists on multiple expeditions throughout the area, starting in 1853. The lithographs were included in the official government report and are now very collectible.   I love how these prints compliment each other. They are such different approaches- one very realist, the other more abstract- but their approach to the shadows and exposed areas of rock are both so striking. Enjoy!

Image on Left: Canon of Psuc-See-Que Creek Near Camp 41.A. U.S.P.R.R. Exp. & Surveys – Cal. & Oregon. General Report – Plate VII. Published by Sarony, Major & Knapp, New York. Three-color lithograph, c.1855.

Image on Right: Zabriskie Point – Death Valley by Anders Aldrin. Color woodcut, 1932.


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