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Upcoming OPG Summer & Fall Schedule

The Old Print Gallery has a lot of new shows and events in the works. We will post more information about them as the date gets closer to each, but for now, mark them on your calendar and we hope to see you all there. You can also always see what we are up to on our website’s Event’s page.

Current Show

Prima Materia: Vernal Matrix. April 15- June 4. Opening reception held on April 15 from 5-8pm at the Gallery. Monotypes and woodcuts by printmaker Susan Goldman, exploring the connections between ancient civilization and the present and celebrating our shared connection to nature and the maternal womb. On display for only one more week. Make sure to stop by and see her colorful and intricate prints before June 4th!

Upcoming Shows

Summer Series

Line & Shadow. June 10-July 8. Opening Reception June 10, from 5-8pm at the Gallery. The exhibit features a selected collection of prints by early 20th century and contemporary artists, all skilled in the use of line and the depiction of light. for these 16 artists, their etched and engraved lines define the architectural parameters of a room, a face, a body, or a landscape, which in turn create a supporting structure for light. By illuminating their compositions, the artists achieve the illusion of three-dimensionality and bestow upon their prints depth, senses of time, and emotion.

Director’s Cut: July 15- August 12. Opening reception on Friday, July 12, from 5-8pm at the Gallery. An exploration and celebration of the woodcut medium, the oldest known printmaking technique. Handpicked by our gallery director, Laura Graham, and ranging from 15th century to contemporary prints, the selection will be a showcase of the evolution and creative innovation of the woodcut over time.

Location, Location, Location. August 19-September 9. Opening reception on Friday, September 9, from 5-8pm at the Gallery. An exhibition from our contemporary and early 20th century printmakers, portraying their topographical and architectural worlds through print.

Fall Series ( still in the works)

Emily Trueblood.  September 16- November 5. Opening Reception on Friday, September 16,  from 5-8pm at the Gallery. A very talented artist working in linocuts, exploring the graphic quality of medium. About linocuts, Trueblood states, ” Woodcuts and linocuts enable me to work in a simplified, bold way. Once cut, the blocks are almost impossible to change. I like working like this way because it forces me to focus on what I most want to express.”

Jake Muirhead. November 11, 2011 to January 21, 2012. Opening reception on Friday, November 11 from 5-8pm in the Gallery. Etching and aquatint artist who explores the natural world.


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