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Past/Present: Union Station

Two beautiful prints for you today! With all the traveling about to happen for Memorial Day, we thought we would feature one of DC’s bustling travel hubs and give you a brief history on the building.

In 1903, Daniel H. Burnham, Director of Works, principal architect of the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair, was chosen to design Union Station. He modeled the Station in the monumental Beaux-Arts style and after the Baths of Caraculla and Diocletian and the triumphal Arch of Rome. Union Station’s arches symbolize its primary function as a gateway. The white granite and classic lines of Union Station set the mode for Washington’s classic monumental architecture for the next 40 years through the construction of the Lincoln and Jefferson Memorials, the Federal Triangle, the Supreme Court Building and the National Gallery of Art. On October 27, 1907, Union Station officially opened at 6:50 a.m., when the Baltimore and Ohio Pittsburgh Express pulled into the Station. The Station was ultimately completed in 1908.

Quoted in Wuerth about Union Station, Joseph Pennel says,  “Stately it stands in its great plaza, and if the city only used bigger flags on the pig poles it would be more beautiful when they are flown, but it is very fine.

Image on Left: The Facade. (Union Station).  by Joseph Pennel. Etching, 1919.

Image on Right: Union Station by Deron DeCesare. Monotype , 2009.


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