Contemporary, Early 20th Century, Lithograph, Mezzotint, Past/Present

Past/Present: Cyclamen

Looking for a print combination for this week’s Past/Present, I stumbled across these two gorgeous prints of the cyclamen flower. The cyclamen’s petals are usually bursting with vivid pinks and bold reds, which is why these two prints struck me as unique. These two artists, Makie Hino and Victoria H. Huntley, chose to represent the flower in black and white, and in doing so, diverted attention away from their coloring and focused it on the form of the cyclamen’s delicate, up-swept petals.

Image on left: Cyclamen by Victoria H. Huntley. Lithograph, 1931.

Image on right: Cyclamen by Makie Hino. Mezzotint, 1995.


One thought on “Past/Present: Cyclamen

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