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Prima Materia: Vernal Matrix Opening at OPG

Rotundifoli by Susan Goldman. Monotype with woodcut. 2011.

The Old Print Gallery is pleased to announce a show of recent works by Susan Goldman, entitled Prima Materia: Vernal Matrix. Goldman’s new collection showcases the amphora, acting as a representation of all that is hidden, mysterious, and protected. Her monoprints and woodcuts explore and celebrate ancient civilizations’ reverence for this object. Homer describes the vessel as the Prima Materia, a metaphor for the womb of the earth. Swirling and blossoming, Goldman’s prints mirror the female silhouette as it generates and nurtures new life.

Angel in the Riptide by Susan Goldman. Monotype with woodcut. 2009.

Layering pattern and line on top of each other, Goldman achieves dynamic and engaging prints. An overlay of swirling blues and vibrant yellows breathes life into her amphorae, while the use of almost transparent patterns hints at the mystery and uncertainty contained inside. With bright and energetic colors, Goldman’s woodcuts are apt for spring’s arrival- they exude growth, expansion, and the celebration of new life.

Viewing the collection, the eye dances back and forth between faint silhouettes, undulating strokes of color, and shimmering patterns. She uses water-like spirals, crescents, flowers, and molecule patterns to emphasize the connection between humans and their natural world. These patterns, like the amphora, have long standing tradition of use in religion, science, and daily life of ancient civilizations. By appropriating and injecting these ancient symbols and forms into a modern canvas, Goldman recognizes and celebrates the influence of these civilizations on our daily life.

Decantos by Susan Goldman. Monotype with woodcut. 2011.

Prima Materia: Vernal Matrix will open with a free evening reception on Friday, April 15, 2011, from 5-8pm at The Old Print Gallery. The opening will give viewers a chance to see these beautiful new pieces, as well as talk with Goldman about her inspiration and artistic process. The show will then run during normal gallery hours until June 4, 2011.

Susan Goldman is no stranger to the Old Print Gallery. She led our first printmaking demonstration- Prints for the Passionate and Curious- and was also the first artist to participate in our OPG Blog feature Printmaker Q &A.  She is Artistic Director and Owner of Lily Press, in Rockville, Maryland, as well as Professor and Master Printer for Navigation Press at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia.  Her recent projects include collaborations with artists Enrique Chagoya, William Wiley, Jo Baer, and EJ Montgomery. Her work can be found in major museums and private collections all around the world- Kyoto City Museum, Smithsonian American Art Museum, Cincinnati Museum, as well as the Library of Congress.

We encourage all of our readers and followers to come by the opening  reception. No tickets or reservations are required, and we could not think of a better way to spend a Friday night. If you have any questions about the show or artist, feel free to call the gallery at 202-965-1818 or email us at Our website’s Events page also is a great resource- it lists Susan’s show, gives you a link to some of her new work, and gives you all the important information (time, date, location) for the opening!

Enchanted Summer by Susan Goldman. Monotype with woodcut. 2008.


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