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Prints for the Passionate and Curious- Artist Bios Part 2

Hello again and Happy Saturday! Our print demo is tomorrow, and as promised, we have a new post, sharing the bios for the artists helping out tomorrow. Again, the demonstration is free and open to all who wish to come. It is a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon (1-3pm) and meet new people and introduce yourself to some new printing techniques. Call 202-965-1818 or email for more information!

ERWIN THAMM– Digital Printmaking

Erwin Thamm is a fantastic artist- focusing his talent and artistic vision on photography and printmaking. His education process began in the fall of 2005 at George Mason University, when he left his career in the automotive parts business and began to focus and hone his skills in photography. He majored in Art and Visual Technology, making education his vehicle to artistic growth. In 2009, Thamm co-founded the GMU Printmakers Guild and now serves as its Vice President. Also a member of Washington Press Club, Thamm shares his digital printmaking knowledge and collaborates with many local DC printmakers. To see more of his work, make sure to visit the GMU Printmakers Guild’s website, where a slide show of his work can be found.



Meaghan Busch has lived many places, but has spent most of her life in Sarasota, Florida- known for its rich history and involvement with the Ringling Circus, where its Museum and roots remain today. Her works evolves from childhood memories, dreams and fairy tales. The majority of her printmaking work is comprised of etchings, woodcuts, and engravings. Her prints are all monotypes, hand painted with saturated watercolor- a nod to the colors found in Grimm’s fairy tales and old circus imagery. Her woodcuts are printed with layers of decorative chine coll’e below a solid printed block, bestowing a subtle difference in pattern and texture.  Busch received her BFA from the Corcoran College of Art & Design in 2008. Presently, she is a MFA candidate in Critical Art Practices at George Mason University, set to graduate this May. She now works predominately in printmaking and soft sculpture, with her print imagery serving as the blue-prints for her sculptures and installations. To see more of her work, visit her personal website here.

JOSH MCGUINN– Silkscreen

Josh is a junior at George Mason University, working towards a Bachelors degree in both Art History and Printmaking. His medium of choice is silk screening. His artwork is described as both futuristic and dystopian. His prints predominantly use imagery of robots, machines, and technology. Josh is an active member of the GMU Printmakers Guild and a great demonstrator.


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